My Next Social Media Training – LIVE Online!

I’ve just announced my next Social Media Training Session that will be held LIVE Online featuring my friend and Social Media Coach, Jason Curlee, and yours truly!  We’re putting together over 2 hours of training together for this EXCLUSIVE, LIVE Online Social Media Event on Thursday, July 17, 2014 at 2:00PM EST!  This training is applicable for anyone in ministry or business. There are a limited number of spaces available, so secure yours [here] TODAY!

Here is some of what you’ll learn in this 2-Hour training:  

    • How to Increase Your Reach Online
    • 4 Types of Audiences You Can Reach Outside Your Likes
    • 5 Practical Ways to Use Social Media In Your Business or Ministry
    • How You Can Maximize Your Social Media Platforms
    • How to Set up an Engagement Strategy
    • How you can reach over 40,000 unique people on Facebook — even with a small number of followers\subscribers
    • How to Build Followers (not just Fans) on Social Media
    • Learn Social Media Management Tools to Help You
    • PLUS+ other exclusive content!

Register TODAY and secure your spot. There are a limited number of spaces and we’re expecting these to fill up quick!

5 Steps to Finding Your Next Mentor

I’m often asked by young leaders how they can find a mentor. There are a few steps I’d offer to finding the next person to coach you.   Here are 5 actions you’ll need to take to discover and keep your next mentor:

1. Pray for a Mentor – Anytime I’ve needed a mentor or coach in my life I’ve always prayed over who that person should be.  Sure, there may be a number of people in your circles, but who would be ‘right’ for you?  This season you may need someone different mentoring you than you will a year or two from now.  We learn different things from different people.

2. Consider the Possibilities – Begin looking around you and consider what you are looking for and who might be willing to invest in you.  Here are a few questions that might be helpful in narrowing your search:

  • Who encourages you?
  • What challenges you?
  • Who do you highly respect?
  • Who inspires you?
  • Who has reached some of the goals you’ve set for yourself?
Next ask yourself who would be your first choice as a mentor?  How about your second choice?


 3Make the Ask - After you have considered the possibilities for a mentor, it’s time to make the ask.  Just so you know, this part is often quite intimidating.  Asking someone if they will mentor\coach you means that you should be willing to receive a “yes” or “no” answer. I’ve been turned down many times when I have asked someone to mentor me. You must not let a “no” overwhelm you.   Sometimes people are not able to coach\mentor additional people or they have other reasons why they cannot commit to you.  Respect whatever answer you are given.  If the first person says “no” to you, make the ask to your second choice.

 4. Clarify Your Expectations - When asking someone to mentor you, you should be clear on what you are expecting out of that mentoring relationship.  Some people have specific things in mind for their time with their mentor (ie: reading books together, just a question\answer time, Bible study, or simply hang time) in addition to the number of times they would like to meet and how long those meeting times should be.  A good coach or mentor may ask you upfront what your expectations are, but you still need to be very clear on what you are expecting from them.

 5. Cultivate the Relationship - Do your part to not only respect the relationship with your mentor but also to cultivate the relationship.  I’ve mentored many young leaders over the years and it’s such a joy when I invest in someone who: respects my time with them (as I respect their time too!), encourages me, offers to buy me coffee or lunch, shows genuine interest in my well-being (as I do theirs), and listens to and heeds my counsel!

LOOKING FOR A YOUTH MINISTRY MENTOR\COACH?  I’m about to offer some more mentoring myself. If you in the field of #YouthMinistry, have been in the field for 5 years or less, and are looking for a coach, I may be able to serve you!  I just announced my next Youth Worker Online Coaching Network.  I’ll be able to coach only 10 leaders this season. If you would like to apply, please click [here].  Hurry, time and space are limited!


Apply Now to Join My Online Coaching Network!

I’m looking to come alongside of 10 (yes, only 10!) rookie youth pastors (who have been in the field for 5 years or less) over the next 5 months.  Numerous youth pastors have been through my network (from all over the United States) and have found this network to be not only affordable, but effective, in helping them be successful in their own Student Ministries. If you desire to have a personal coach come alongside of you, this is your opportunity!

I encourage you to [apply now] because time and space is limited.  Don’t miss out!  This network will launch on August 01, but the application deadline is July 18th.

Join me at the Student Leadership Conference!

I absolutely love conferences.  So naturally when I heard a couple of years ago that Doug Fields was creating a conference just for students I was stoked!  This year the Student Leadership Conference (#SLC) is back and better than ever… and I’m honored to be presenting at the conference.  There’s still time to lock-in your spots and register your team!

Go [here] and register now.

Just announced:  Students and Leaders will get an exclusive screening of the new movie “When The Game Stands Tall” (in theatres August 22nd).


LIVE Online Social Media Training!

I’m stoked to announce my next Social Media Training Session.  I will be doing a LIVE Online Social Media Training on Thursday, June 26, 2014 at 2:00PM EST! There are a limited number of spaces available, so secure yours [here].

Here is some of what you’ll learn in this training session: 

  • 5 Ways You Can Instantly Improve Your Social Media Presence
  • Why You Should Engage with your Community
  • 5 Practical Ways to Use Social Media In Your Ministry
  • How You Can Maximize Your Social Media Platforms
  • How to Set up an Engagement Strategy
  • How to Inspire Your Students and Adults to use Social Media for Christ
  • How to Build Followers (not just Fans) on Social Media
  • Learn Social Media Management Tools to Help You
  • PLUS+ other exclusive content!

Register TODAY and secure your spot.  There are a limited number of spaces and we’re expecting these to fill up quick!


Announcing My Brand-New Coaching Network!

I’m stoked to announce I’m relaunching my next Youth Worker Coaching Network soon! This is an exclusive network for Youth Pastors who have been in the field for 5 years or less!   You’ll be able to apply beginning July 01, but you can receive details via email leading up to the launch.  If you (or someone you know) would like more information and you are interested in receiving personal coaching, click [here].  If you’ve been looking for a personal coaching in Student Ministry, this is YOUR opportunity!



Win a $50 Gift Card to

My friends over at just recently announced a pretty killer deal.

For just $1.00 you can get a membership to their site!   For that ONE DOLLAR you get $20 in store credit immediately, and 7 other epic downloads right away too!  The membership continues at just $19.99 monthly after that… and if you haven’t seen the stuff on their site, I’ll tell you its worth that price!

Additionally I thought it would be fun to celebrate this deal with a giveaway!  (If you know me, I don’t need much of a reason to give stuff away…).  So, here it is:  I’m giving away a $50.00 Digital Gift Card to one lucky person!  Here’s how you enter: Just leave a comment on this post AND share it on Facebook or Twitter and you’re in!  It’s just that easy!  I’ll pick a winner (at random) after 3PM EST tomorrow, Friday, May 23, 2014 and announce soon after. 

I just LOVE giving away stuff here on my blog (you should totally subscribe, so you don’t miss one opportunity!) and on my twitter.  I’ve got some BIG stuff — with lots of freebies coming up! Don’t. Miss. A. Thing!  Subscribe now!


I Can’t Believe This Resource is FREE!

I feel awful.  Last summer I found a pretty amazing resource (a FREE one!) and absolutely loved it!  The thing is, I only told people about it word-of-mouth.  I never mentioned one thing (to my knowledge…) about it here on the blog.   So, with that said… check this out!

Here’s a quick summary about this resource: The Life Book contains a short recap of the Old Testament, the entire Gospel of John, scriptural answers to issues that teenagers face, as well as an opportunity for teenagers to put their faith in Christ.

Did I mention that these are FREE?

As a veteran youth worker, I’m always looking for great ideas like this! This is one of those GREAT ideas! And, what’s amazing, is that they’ll give your youth groups 1,000 FREE Bibles to give away. That’s right — ONE THOUSAND in your hands … FOR FREE.

Here are 3 ways we used LifeBooks in our context:

1. We gave them to students (after a little instruction) to hand out in their schools.

2. We used them in our gift bags for guests.

3. We took them with us on our summer mission trips and gave them away during our commute.

I just spoke with Adam over at @TheLifeBook movement and he gave me some amazing stats —  over 14.3 Million books have been distributed since 2010!  There have been nearly 7 Million books distributed during this school year alone and over 800k student missionaries have given the gift of The LifeBook to their classmates!   All of this is so great, but the truth is that every one of those numbers has a name. They represent people who need a Savior.

So won’t you consider being a part of @TheLifebook Movement? Contact them today and tell them I sent you!  Go… get your LifeBooks!

Give a Gift. Advance a Ministry!

I’m pretty excited to announce this.  I love resourcing leaders.  I also love getting others involved in resourcing leaders.   So recently I’ve put together a kit to help encourage and advance other leaders and their ministries.

What the Kit Includes:  The Advance Kit includes an autographed copy of my recently published book “Going Social: A Practical Guide on Social Media,”  ”The iChurch Method: How to Advance Your Ministry Online” by my friend Jason Caston, and I’m also throwing in a FREE 1lb. Bag of Starbucks Whole Bean Coffee!  Each kit also includes an additional BONUS gift — which could be anything from a Gift Card to a popular restaurant, a FREE CD, Book, etc.

I’m encouraging people to get one of these kits for their pastors.  Grab one for your youth workers.  Encourage and advance someone else!   

There are a limited number of kits.  And they will go fast!   

How To Get An Advance Kit:  Simply make a donation of $30.00 (shipping included!) by clicking “DONATE” in the sidebar of this site and we’ll ship you a kit!  If you’d like to give one anonymously to a leader, just make the donation and contact me with instructions on where you’d like your kit sent.   It’s just that easy!


If you get an advance kit we’ll throw in a FREE watch from just for YOU! We can’t think of a better way to encourage leaders and advance the kingdom than this! Hurry and get yours today!