I’ve created what I think is a great resource for youth workers, I founded the Youth Worker Coaching Network designed to help youth workers who have only been in the field for 5 years or less. It’s a 5-month process where I come alongside and coach rookie youth workers in ministry and offer you PRIVATE, one-on-one coaching... totally customized to fit your needs at a price YOU can afford!
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     Let me give you 8 quick reasons you should totally move forward with coaching here:

Reason #1   I’ll be your personal coach and cheerleader for 5 months.
Reason #2   You’ll get practical guidance and personal counsel.
Reason #3   You’ll get phone calls from yours truly.
Reason #4   You’ll get encouraging but constructive feedback.
Reason #5   You’ll get occasional free books from publishers.
Reason #6   You’ll get the shared experience with other network participants.
Reason #7   You’ll get a totally customized coaching experience.

Reason #8   You’ll get other free resources too…. and other fun surprises!

Here are 3 of the current programs we offer:

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                   Get yourself a coach!   We’ve got 3 affordable programs to fit your needs.

                             Need an installment agreement? You can click here, to request one.