I have a resolution for YOU and ME.
This year, 2017, let’s work to make our relationships better.
Seriously people.
We are SO lame sometimes when it comes to relationships.
It’s not that hard, people.
How many times has a friend or family member said “Hey, let’s talk soon?” Or “Let’s do lunch soon, k?”
And it never happens.
Good intentions, yes. But it doesn’t happen as much as it should.
It’s 2017 people.
We have phones (connected to our heads at all times!), the internet, vehicles, and SO many other means of getting us face to face with someone or ear to ear in mere seconds.
There is no excuse.
You are NOT that busy.
I’ve reached out to people on numerous occasions (sometimes for an ENTIRE YEAR) about talking with me. Did I say a YEAR? Yes.
And just today someone vented to me that they are weary of reaching out to someone who has told them several times over a 3 year period that “they’d like to get to know her.”
Did I say 3 years? Yes.
The busiest person I know (I’m talking the leader of a Company…family man… wears about 15 more hats than I do kinda guy…) gets back to me within 24 hours when I reach out to him. Every single time!
“Relationships are the most important thing to us,” we say.
Let that sink in for a moment.
What means the most to people on their death bed? Their relationships.
And we let dumb stuff and silly stuff come between us.
We grow apart.
We isolate ourselves from each other.
And yes, make lots of lame excuses.
If someone means something to you, let them know.
If it’s important to you, make time for it. Make time for them.
You are not that busy.
It can be done.
Don’t let 2017 divide us like 2016 (and so many years before) did.