Free Webinar: Parent’s Guide to Social Media

Since I’ve written Going Social, a practical guide on Social Media, there have been several other really great resources released.  One of those is a great book by my friend, Adam McLane on helping parents (and teens, really) navigate life online.

There is no doubt that social media is shaping the way teens interact with each other and with their parents and there is always some new, challenging issue parents have to deal with as their kids move through the teenage years.  We know the power of social media but very few families have a plan in place for their kids or know how to help them navigate through our digital world.

I have good news. My friends over at ParentMinistry.Net are hosting a free webinar this Thursday (May 23, 2013 – 2:00PM CST) to help you process some of the current issues with social media and will offer resources on how you can help parents. Adam Mclane from the Youth Cartel is going to lead this special online session and I encourage you to reserve your spot and join in! There is limited space so make sure and hold you spot today!