Help Me Help Leaders in Need!

There’s a number of youth workers\church leaders under stress. They are enduring financial difficulty (among other stresses) and I want to help. For the last couple of years it’s been on my heart to create an assistance fund for church leaders and I’m finally pulling the trigger. There are a number of youth workers, particularly, who have sent me emails explaining their financial need and asking if there’s any assistance available. Others have shared the anticipated stress of the holidays fast approaching and their inability to provide a nice Christmas for their family.  My heart goes out to these leaders and I want to help bear their burden.

Here’s a few exerpts from actual emails from Leaders in need:

#1:  If I don’t pay my rent by the 10th, my family and I will be evicted. Could you please help me out? I’m trying to raise about $2500 for our rent and some core utility bills. I raise money for causes all of the time and am sorry to ask for this, but I don’t have any other way in this time frame. Listen – I don’t care if it’s $5, $50, or $500 – if you can help me out it would mean the world to me. I’m literally selling my computer and camera and gear to make ends meet! 


#2:  I’ve been out of work for nearly a month now.  My family is under a lot of stress.  I’ve applied for nearly every youth worker position through every job bank online and I’ve heard nothing.  I honestly don’t know how we are going to make it if something doesn’t workout soon.
#3. I just got a cutoff notice for my power bill yesterday. The rent is due tomorrow. My church pays me nothing (well, next to nothing). I love what I do, but I am barely able to cover my expenses with my paycheck.  And I hate living paycheck to paycheck!  I really need some help.

This is where we come in. Will you join me by contributing to help these church leaders in immediate need? Our goal is to help as many youth workers\church leaders as possible with the funds we raise by November 30. Funds contributed to our assistance program will go 100% to church leaders who express a financial need. 50% of your funds donated will be used to assist youth workers\church leaders who have an immediate need. The other 50% of the funds raised will be distributed to youth workers this December who need family assistance this Christmas. And for your gift of $100 or more we will send you a FREE gift as our way of saying “thank you!”

Thank you for your support of this project, and we appreciate your sharing the need with others who might also be able to help at this time. Go [here] to make an instant impact by donating to help leaders now! If you have a financial need, please contact our office [here].

  • Tim Lipp

    Terrace, I too have been thinking about all of my youth ministry colleagues who are struggling financially, and hardly a day goes by I don’t think about this issue. Churches are brutal in the way they deal with staff, especially youth workers who are considered to be expendable. I am praying about what I can do personally and I will certainly spread the word to others to join in the effort to right the wrong that has been done.

  • Markus Eichler

    Hi Terrace
    your heart is really a heart of gold!
    I really admire your passion to help youth workers with this initiative.
    But let me add my feeling to this situation youth workers in the US seem to be in,
    wouldn’t it be of “better” help or at least worth as much of help, if “someone” would write a letter to the church?
    How is it possible that youth workers give their best and suffer financially?
    Just a thought. I don’t know whether it helps.
    Markus form Germany

  • Youth Culture Report

    Love what your doing …we will help get the word out on this. Mike Liebler