I Can’t Believe This Resource is FREE!

I feel awful.  Last summer I found a pretty amazing resource (a FREE one!) and absolutely loved it!  The thing is, I only told people about it word-of-mouth.  I never mentioned one thing (to my knowledge…) about it here on the blog.   So, with that said… check this out!

Here’s a quick summary about this resource: The Life Book contains a short recap of the Old Testament, the entire Gospel of John, scriptural answers to issues that teenagers face, as well as an opportunity for teenagers to put their faith in Christ.

Did I mention that these are FREE?

As a veteran youth worker, I’m always looking for great ideas like this! This is one of those GREAT ideas! And, what’s amazing, is that they’ll give your youth groups 1,000 FREE Bibles to give away. That’s right — ONE THOUSAND in your hands … FOR FREE.

Here are 3 ways we used LifeBooks in our context:

1. We gave them to students (after a little instruction) to hand out in their schools.

2. We used them in our gift bags for guests.

3. We took them with us on our summer mission trips and gave them away during our commute.

I just spoke with Adam over at @TheLifeBook movement and he gave me some amazing stats —  over 14.3 Million books have been distributed since 2010!  There have been nearly 7 Million books distributed during this school year alone and over 800k student missionaries have given the gift of The LifeBook to their classmates!   All of this is so great, but the truth is that every one of those numbers has a name. They represent people who need a Savior.

So won’t you consider being a part of @TheLifebook Movement? Contact them today and tell them I sent you!  Go… get your LifeBooks!

  • SeanOfChandler

    Excellent. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Deann

    Who is the author of this book? What religious affiliation is the author?
    I am just wondering – nothing bad either way.

  • terracecrawford

    @Deann – the Gideons International are distributors of the book.

  • http://youthpastorforhire.com Daniel McGinty

    This was a great resource for our students to start conversations with their friends and just to give away to new people who come to our youth group. Highly recommend. We debuted it on our zombie apocalypse night, felt like it fit with the whole blood thing :-)