Leaving Crossroads

This week I resigned as the Minister of Students at Crossroads Community Church.

In the last few months God has been working in my heart and preparing me for something.

It’s unclear to me what that is.

At the same time, our church is positioned for growth and we are in the middle of a building project to construct a new worship facility to create space for more people.

While these are both great things that God is doing, it’s been evident that both my church and I are being nudged in two different directions.

After prayer with my pastor and spiritual advisors it quickly became clear that I would soon have to step away from my position and make room for what God wanted to do in my life, but also make room for new life in our student ministry. This is exciting, but so painful. In fact, it stinks to leave.

So, I’d ask for your prayers right now.

Pray for me, for the students (I love them so much), the youth workers in our ministry (I have the most amazing team on the planet), and for the leadership as they move forward.

I’ll be taking the next 3 months to explore ministry opportunities. Perhaps this is also the sabbatical I always wanted, no?

During this time I’ll be available to speak, I will continue to resource and coach youth workers (through my coaching program and weekly podcast), I will be traveling some, and of course, I will seek God’s direction for my next steps.

Thanks for your prayers and support during this season.

  • http://www.youthleadersacademy.com/ Rachel Blom

    Wow, exciting times Terrace! I hope and pray God’s voice and direction will become clear to you.

    • http://www.terracecrawford.com/blog @TerraceCrawford

      Thanks so much, Rachel. My best to you as well.

  • http://markuseichler.com/ Markus Eichler

    Big step bru’ – God’s richest Blessing and Guiding. I went through that phase last year. It is scary but exciting at the same time

    • http://www.terracecrawford.com/blog @TerraceCrawford

      Good to hear from you, Markus! Thanks for the prayers and best wishes.

      • http://markuseichler.com/ Markus Eichler

        oh man, my reply was ages go 😉

        • http://www.terracecrawford.com/blog @TerraceCrawford

          Hey, you’re right! But I am circling back through to make sure I
          didn’t let a comment slip through the cracks… and it appears I did!
          Better late than never, right?

          • http://markuseichler.com/ Markus Eichler

            Absolutely! Hope you are doing well!