The Top 10 Most Downloaded Podcast Episodes of 2015!

We just released our 45th Podcast Episode highlighting our Most Downloaded Podcast Episodes of the Year!  It was so much fun looking back and seeing what episodes got the most traction by you, our listeners.  Thanks for making this year so great. I look forward to an incredible 2016 with you.

Check out the official list below here that we highlighted on the show today and see below for a Special Offer that is good ONLY FOR TODAY has been extended!

Here are the Top 10 Most Downloaded Episodes of 2015 (beginning with most downloaded) highlighted in this Podcast Episode:

1. EP 31: Jesus Goes to The Movies – with Joel Mayward (download on iTunes)
2. EP 30: Youth Culture  – with Walt Mueller (download on iTunes)
3. EP 29: Discipleship & The Decline of Churches in America – with Stephanie Caro (download on iTunes)
4. EP 32: The State & Future of Youth Ministry – with Kenda Creasy Dean (download on iTunes)
5. EP 40: How to Recruit and Keep Volunteers – with Christopher Wesley (download on iTunes)
6. EP 05: Teens Walking Away From Church – with Dr. David Olshine (download on iTunes)
7. EP 41: Leaders in Trouble and Transition – with David Lyons (download on iTunes)
8. EP 28: How to Speak to Teens ((And Get Them to Listen)) – with Rachel Blom (download on iTunes)
9. EP 3: Youth Workers Getting Fired – with Stephanie Caro (download on iTunes)
10. EP 42: How to Team Up With Parents – with Phil Bell (download on iTunes)

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