Review of #GoingSocial by Matthew McNutt

Matthew McNutt recently shared a review of my book #GoingSocial on his blog.  I’ll share a couple of exerpts from his review here and you can go [here] to read the full post.

“Crawford does a great job of introducing the concept of using social media for ministry, the value in doing so, and the cultural relevance. He also does a great job of tackling some of the concerns people have that hold them back. The book is ideal for people with little to no social media experience or knowledge, as he carefully walks people through how to start using the major social media outlets out there.

He also gives some great practical advice on how to take advantage of the many outlets out there; blogging, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. I actually found myself putting down the book as I was reading it to make some immediate changes to some of the social media outlets our student ministry uses, and then jumping back into the book. #GoingSocial is a must have for church leaders! It’s a great book, and one that I will be passing on to the other leaders in my church to take a look at.”