LIVE from D6 in DALLAS!

I’m in DALLAS speaking at the D6 Conference this week. If you can’t join me here you can catch the LIVE stream [here]. ((Check out the LIVE Stream schedule below))

You can also follow me on twitter (@terracecrawford) to catch the action. I’ll be on Snapchat and Instagram too, if you’re there (find me @terracecrawford).

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Love these speaker tiles the d6 Conference created:
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Final Hours to Save BIG on D6 Conference!

d6newbannerI’m STOKED to announce that it was just confirmed I’ll be speaking at this year’s D6 Conference in Dallas, Texas!  And I want YOU to join me and hundreds of other church leaders for the best Family Ministry Conference.

TODAY is a huge day… as it’s your last chance to SAVE BIG on tickets! You can save until midnight, so HURRY, and get registered [here].

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The D6 Conference is the one family ministry conference designed to help your ministry team get on the same page to minister to the families in your city. We invite over 50 of the top family ministry leaders to lead you through a learning and planning process that you’ll never forget. The whole conference is centered around making sure that each member of your team has the chance to learn and grow together. You won’t believe what a difference it makes when your entire team dreams together at the same event.

“D6 feels less like a conference and more like being part of a movement that God is using to impact a generation.” – Brian Haynes

Go [here] and register NOW!

Dare 2 Share LIVE: A Rally Point for Teen-Led, Gospel Growth


On September 23rd, 2017, 50,000 teens will boldly take their faith one step further. Rallying together for THE Cause of Christ — a.k.a The Great Commission — students and their youth leaders will gather for the first ever Dare 2 Share LIVE simulcast!

But what is Dare 2 Share LIVE? Simply put, Dare 2 Share LIVE is a teen-led movement of gospel-conversations from coast to coast for the purpose of reaching the next generation.

In greater detail, Dare 2 Share LIVE is all about One Day. One Message. One Hope — with the desire to spark revival within the Church.


Driven from a live event in Denver, Colorado and broadcast out to 50+ locations nationwide, Saturday, September 23, 2017, Dare 2 Share LIVE is the start of a movement where thousands of teenagers and adult leaders will be released…at the EXACT SAME TIME…into their communities to serve and share the gospel.

See specific time zone schedules here.

This one day will also equip students to have gospel conversations wherever they go, including conversations they may have a week later at See You at the Pole (a worldwide event where millions of teens gather at their own campuses to pray over their schools).


We know that the gospel changes everything. And as Christians we have a Cause – Christ’s Cause – to share this good news with our world.

When students are captured by Jesus and His mission, their heartbeat changes and so does the trajectory of their lives…and the lives of those they reach with the gospel. This message is where true change and impact is going to start, not only for this generation, but for our communities and this country.


Nothing transforms a student like seeing someone respond to the clearly articulated gospel. Once they experience this, it’s a game changer. Their excitement is uncontainable and their energy makes them an unstoppable force.

Now imagine 50,000 teenagers all going out equipped with the gospel, and as they step out into their communities to serve through local food drives, they are bringing help to those in need. Paired with the gospel, teenagers will show the world the hope that the followers of Christ bring. This is the true hope, not only for this generation, but for our communities and this country.

In One Day, with One Message, with teens rallying together for One Hope, lives will forever be changed by the power of the gospel. And if this is what we can do in just one day, imagine what these same teens can do with the rest of their lives. Imagine the eternal impact.

Want to learn more or sign your youth group up for this teen-led movement of gospel conversations? Click here.

7 Reasons I Attend The Orange Conference

I cannot believe the Orange Conference Week is here!  For my money, it is as good a three days as Christian leaders can get but I’m stoked to be a part of the Social Media team again this year.  Click HERE to find out more about the Orange Conference.

The following are 7 Reasons I Personally Attend The Orange Conference and you should too:

  1. It Gives Me A Chance To Meet You – One of the highlights of this conference, without question, is getting the opportunity to meet my friends and followers!  It is a wonderful opportunity to connect. Make sure to stop me and say “Hello!” if you see me.
  2. Reggie Joiner – Reggie is the Founder and CEO of Orange. Reggie does a great job helping equip leaders to reach the next generation.  I will never forget his talk on “Tension” a couple of years ago. Still one of the best talks for ministry leaders I’ve ever heard (seek out the audio on it… and listen closely)!
  3. Keynote Sessions – Orange features some of the best speakers on the planet. It doesn’t get much better than speakers like Andy Stanley, Doug Fields, Reggie Joiner and others.
  4. The Most Practical Content – I absolutely LOVE practical stuff. For me, this is one of the benefits of attending Orange. Aside from the Keynote sessions, attending breakouts & workshops give you the chance to go a little deeper. I love it!
  5. The Tribal Gathering – When is the last time you were with 7,000 people who do what you do? That’s what it’s like attending this conference.  You’re with your tribe for 3 days. People who have been there. People who get you. Hanging out with like-minded people for 3 days – there is nothing like it!
  6. FUN – While you feel like you are drinking from a fire house during the conference, it is SO much fun. You’ll laugh a LOT!  Orange is one of the most fun, creative conferences I have ever attended!
  7. The Best Tools And Resources – Orange simply provides you with a great opportunity to pick up resources!  You’ll walk away with some freebies from organizations on-site, but you’ll want to make sure you budget some funds to pick up quality resources while there!

If you have not decided yet, I can’t do any better!  Click HERE for more information.  I really hope to see you there!

If you can’t make it, just follow my social media channels (particularly my Twitter) for updates, the inside scoop, and great content!  I’d also like to encourage you to follow these bloggers during the conference.

Full Disclosure: Orange is a sponsor of my Podcast. I am absolutely HONORED they think enough of my voice and my resources for Youth Workers, particularly, that they sponsor my content. Having said that, I would write every word of this post regardless of whether or not they exchanged any money with me.  Truth! 

Register for the #D6Conference NOW and Save!


If you’re looking for a world-class conference for your ministry teams, look no further!  The D6 Conference will be held in Louisville, KY this September 16-18 at The Galt House Hotel & Conference Center.

If you are looking to be inspired, receive some ministry training, want to connect with other leaders in the trenches, and just need to getaway … check out D6!

D6 is a movement intentional about empowering parents, homes, marriages, leaders, and churches to live out the story of Deuteronomy 6. This Scripture paints a beautiful picture for the family and of God’s heart for discipleship at home. The family is God’s original small group. D6 provides resources to align the church and home to accomplish God’s design of generational discipleship.

Register your team [here] for the D6 Family Conference and save!  Hurry, advance ticket prices will be changing very soon.

Notes & Recap from #OC15

I thoroughly enjoyed my time helping cover The Orange Conference last week.  It is always a pleasure to be a part of a conference and help elevate the experience through Social Media.  I was blown away by these sketches drawn by William Warren of The Sketch Effect, who created topical summaries of each speaker. Check these out!
















Perry _Noble_The_Sketch_Effect











And here’s a great wrap-up video to highlight the entire experience:

If you missed it, make sure to join us next year!

Follow #OC15LIVE from Atlanta!

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If you can’t join me in Atlanta for The Orange Conference, be sure to follow the action LIVE from the stream here:

I’ll also be tweeting from the conference (@terracecrawford) and you can follow the thread #OC15 or #OC15Live on social media for more.

Links to more:
Check out the full schedule on the LIVE stream [here]
Follow the Official #OC15 Blogging Team [here]

Your Next Social Media Event!


I’m doing a number of Social Media Events this year and I want to come to your city! Our latest booking is in New Hampshire where I’m doing a Saturday seminar for parents and students.  Here are few of the topics that I’ll be speaking on that day:

1 – Social Media 101 (Basics of Social Media)
Some people find Social Media intimidating. In fact, they really don’t know if they are doing Social Media right! Social Media is a powerful thing. In this session, Terrace Crawford explains how Social Media has great power and can be used for good. We’ll cover the Top 5\Most Common platforms and how to use them.

2 – Social Entourage: How to Win Friends and Influence Them Online
Does Social Media seem lame to you? Are you bored with it? Do you anxiously await the next big platform to launch that trumps your Twitter\Instagram\Snapchat\Facebook app? What if you were told that you could make your experience online a life-changing one? In this session Terrace Crawford, author of #GoingSocial, will share how you can leverage your digital world in ways that will bring you new connections and help you influence and lead your followers to Christ!

3 – Social Networking for Parents (this is perfect for parents, but could be done with students)
Teens are often embarassed by their parents presence online. In fact, they’d almost rather they not dabble in Social Media at all. Can the world of Social Media host both parents & students? What if parents could be taught etiquette online? In this session, TC will share with parents what is acceptable and what is not and gives parents real talk about how to use their online presence.

4 – Helping Your Teen Protect Their Online Reputation
Most parents (well, and youth workers too!) are so afraid that teens are destroying their reputation online. Some of their concern is valid. In this session, Terrace shares about some of the dangers of what you post online and some important boundaries to observe while you are surfing on the web.

5 – Your Social Media Footprint
Were you aware that everywhere you travel online you leave a footprint? Most people use Social Media while others abuse it. The truth of the matter is that you can use Social Media for good or bad, but it’s important you understand that your presence online really matters. Your footprint will last much after you sign-off. In this session, we’ll talk about some of the dangers of Social Media as well as how you can leverage it for good!

If you’re interested in hosting me in your city for a Social Media conference or seminar event this year, [click here].  

To order a copy of my latest book, Going Social: A Practical Guide on Social Media for Church Leaders, [click here]

5 Types of Conference Goers

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 1.58.29 PM

People go to conferences for a variety of reasons: Some go to be inspired while others join to network, play, learn, or to simply have fun. In my experience there are several types of conference goers that I always run in to at every conference:

The Vacationer – These are the leaders who need a break and just book themselves at conferences to simply escape work!  Hey, we all need a break.  It doesn’t really matter the conference or the location, they’ll be there.  I actually know a guy that attended a conference and spent the entire weekend sleeping.  He missed most of the sessions and just slept!  I asked him why he didn’t attend much of the sessions and he said “I’m on vacation!”

Pros: Escaping work and attending conferences (even in vacation mode) can help ignite your creative mind.  Getting out of my routine has helped me immensely in brainstorming ideas for future projects.  This may be the key for you too.

Cons: Be careful to not miss out on some amazing content.  While touring the city (or getting your sleep on!) is great, you might miss something the conference offers that will help you in your career work.

Tip:  Make time for everything.  When I attend conferences I want to attend the sessions, have ample time to network with others, see the city, and yes, even strategically schedule some extra nap times in!

The Poser – Unfortunately, there are people who pose as conference goers. They aren’t attending the conference but they capitalize on it.  The big conference is in town and you live nearby, so why not network with people who are in town?  The sad reality is that some people don’t have a budget to attend conferences and still want to meet up with conference goers.  I feel you!  While others just take advantage of conferences (they don’t make much profit these days!) and sneak into sessions or private events.

Pros: Getting to meet up with conference goers and feeding off the energy of an event may be helpful to you.

Cons: You could get royally embarrassed if you get caught sneaking into events that you didn’t pay for. Plus, I’m an advocate for conferences and don’t want them to lose more money by people taking advantage of them. Suggestion here – ask the conference coordinators if they have any scholarships.  You could also try to win a FREE registration (Note: I’m giving away a FREE ticket to a conference in this post!)

Tip: There are many conferences I want to attend and don’t have the budget for it. Fortunately, I get to attend a number of them because they ask me to speak.  I’ve also volunteered for some. Try one of these options:  volunteer (email the conference to inquire), ask for a scholarship (sometimes we have not because we ask not!), be a presenter (email to ask if there are opportunities to speak).

The Planner – The organized conference goer is very strategic.  Even weeks before the BIG event arrives, they are systematically researching the conference website, tracking blogs, and scheduling meetings to network with others.  They mean business!

Pros: You are the most prepared person in the room.  You are incredibly efficient with time. You have learned to maximize your conference experience.

Cons: Often times the highlight of my conference experience is a late-night run to grab food with friends that is totally spontaneous.   Don’t miss out!

Tip:  Do your homework.  Find out what you absolutely want to attend, but leave room for the spontaneous times.  And don’t take yourselves too seriously at conferences.  Enjoy your time away from the grind.

The Plan-Not-to-Plan Person – There you are, Mister Plan-Not-to-Plan person.  I see you.  You attend conferences with no schedule and no agenda.  Everything will happen as it is meant to happen. This conference goer knows that the inevitable will be.  If you just show up to a conference you’re bound to get something out of it. You’ll probably run into someone you know, you’ll get rich content from breakouts that you didn’t sign up for, and you’ll benefit from that spontaneous coffee meeting that’ll happen.

Pros: Because you are not a planner and have wide open spaces in your schedule you are pretty much free to enjoy whatever comes your way at the conference.

Cons: Some conferences won’t allow you to attend anything you want without having signed-up for events. Your failure to plan might cost you something here.

Tip:  Do some research prior to the conference to make sure you don’t miss something you’d really like to attend. Then make the rest up as you go.

The Hunter – These conference goers are always on the hunt.  They have one thing in mind: meeting up with everyone speaker or presenter.  They don’t care about the regular conference goer as much as the person printed in the program.

Pros: Making big connections could help you. It could help you launch your career or you could gain a lasting friendship because you stepped out to meet someone who is further along in their journey than you.

Cons: You could spend your whole time chasing cool and miss out on some really great connections with regular conference goers. Besides, you may get disappointed in your efforts. Not everyone whose name is printed in the program at <insert conference name here>  is nice — and won’t attempt to oblige a meeting with you.

Tip: If you know there is someone you could really benefit from talking to, don’t be afraid to go for it.  I’ve taken many steps out on faith to talk to someone who I highly respected and knew I’d enjoy connecting with.  Thankfully, that initial conference meeting turned into a lasting friendship.

One amazing conference that I enjoy each year is The Orange Conference. The last few years I’ve enjoyed LIVE blogging the event and have spoken a couple of times too. It’s such fun networking with everyone there and the content is always solid!  Check out the conference website [here] to find out more.  You might also check out what others are saying about their experience with Orange by reading from these [blogs].

I want someone to experience Orange this year, so I’d like to send you there!   Click [here] to enter to WIN a FREE registration to this year’s Orange Conference in Atlanta, Georgia!

The Orange Conference 2015 will take place in Atlanta from April 29–May 1.  For more information and to register, please visit