LIVE from D6 with Greg Stier

I’m LIVE blogging from the D6 Conference in Greensboro (NC).  Today I’m sharing a Podcast recorded LIVE from the D6 Conference!  

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from the description: This Week in Youth Ministry – Episode 132 – ★ LIVE From D6 with Greg Stier  Terrace Crawford is LIVE at the D6 Conference and talks with Greg Stier, founder of Dare2Share Ministries about what makes Thriving Youth Groups!  Plus+ Terrace talks with Richard Ross, Ron Hunter, and More!

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This Week in Youth Ministry: Episode 4

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This is fourth episode of This Week in Youth Ministry podcast is LIVE. We’ll be bringing these to you every Thursday.  Next week: My guest is David Olshine and our topic is Teens Who Walk Away From Church (and What We Can Do About It).

from the description:
This Week in Youth Ministry – Episode 4: How to Equip Students for Evangelism with Greg Stier.  Terrace Crawford and Greg Stier talk about how to equip students for Evangelism if you are starting at ground zero.

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YouTubesday: #HouseofCards Parody

I thought I’d bring back an old series that I use to do here on the blog called “YouTubesday” — where I share some of my favorite videos of the week.

This week I’ll share 2 videos that I found pretty hilarious.

Sesame Street recently made a parody of House of Cards. Brilliant.

And … Greg Stier was on COPS?

I interviewed Greg Stier recently for an episode of This Week in Youth Ministry Podcast (which will air this Thursday…) and I actually stumbled across this video online. Hilarious!