Free Video Training for Adult Volunteers!

One of my favorite partners in ministry is with my friends at LeaderTreks.
These guys know how to equip your ministry and help you build leaders!

Recently they released some videos to help train your adult leaders.
And the best part is that they are FREE.

Through these videos you’ll learn more about:

  • Developing Transformational Relationships
  • Building Trust with Students
  • Starting Students in Leadership

[Click here] to download the 3 free videos, and make sure you check out
the LeaderTreks [website] to find more goods for your team!

Here’s a sample:

We’re always looking for more partners. Want in?  Just [contact me].

Are You Ready for A Retreat?

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In a recent episode of This Week in Youth Ministry podcast, I talked about how youth workers might be interested in taking a retreat this year. My friends at LeaderTreks have such quality stuff — and this is no different.  They’ve put together several Refuel Retreats this year for youth workers and I shared about it on the podcast.

Refuel Retreats offer everything you’d probably experience from a conference (training, networking opportunities, relaxation) but they are hosted in an intimate setting at a much more affordable price.  How awesome!  I’m encouraging youth workers to make room in their calendars this year for a retreat like this.  We’ve got too many people burning out… and it can be avoided. Perhaps planning some time away is the first step to getting you back on track?  Contact LeaderTreks today and tell them I sent you.

Oh, and be sure to check out LeaderTreks Blog and store [here]. They offer TONS of resources to help you grow your students too.  I love (and highly recommend!) their stuff!