Youth Ministry Legacy

I think about making an impact and the legacy I’m leaving (er not leaving…) a lot. And I do mean a lot! I shudder to think about the possibility that time would pass me by and students (and adults) who have been a part of our ministry would not be impacted in some way as a result of my leadership. I so desperately want to make a difference. I want to leave a legacy.

Just recently my buddy Josh Griffin tweeted this:

He then followed up with a blog post with some questions that the experience triggered. I’ll list a couple of his questions, including a few of my own. Go [here] to read his post.

  • When was the last time I prayed for the legacy of our youth ministry?
  • What will people say about the ministry I was a part of today in 13 years?
  • What kind of investment am I making now in students… and adults?
  • Am I making decisions about our ministry keeping in mind that other ministers will succeed me?
  • Am I intentional about creating ministry for transformation not just information?

What kind of questions or thoughts does this trigger for you? 

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