Last Day to Save!


Today is a BIG day.  It’s the last day of the year, but its also your last chance to save BIG on a wonderful opportunity to secure spots for your team at at the D6 Conference with a really big discount!

If you register TODAY, before midnight, you will save $100 per person!

Generational Discipleship is the very essence of cultural change. This theme emphasizes the idea that discipleship is not an event, but a way of life. Only when the church partners with parents will true discipleship occur.

Over 50+ speakers will train your team in sunny Orlando, Florida at this conference.
Join me and hundreds of other leaders from around the globe at this incredible Family Ministry conference, designed for your entire team.


FREE Online Family Ministry Event!

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D6 Days 2018 is ONE WEEK away, but you still have time to save your spot! Be sure to register and take advantage of this FREE opportunity.

D6 Days is an online experience that will help further the family ministry conversation all around the world. It happens in just a week and you do not want to miss out!

Join thousands of other family ministry leaders for this online event.

Preschool teachers, youth workers, pastors, volunteers, and parents are all invited to this two-day event. Register now and save your spot for FREE.

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Introducing MinistryDownloads ALL ACCESS

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I’m so stoked to be able to announce MinistryDownloads ALL ACCESS has officially launched today.   After several months of work, we’re excited to be able to offer Church Leaders the opportunity to become a member of our site and download as many resources as they like for their church or ministry.

We’re also allowing leaders to sign up at a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER of just $17 per month\12 mos.  This is unprecedented.  You will want to sign up NOW before the price jumps.  Click [here] to check out ALL ACCESS and to sign-up now, friends!

Thanks so much for your support of

7 Reasons I Attend the Orange Conference

I cannot believe the Orange Conference will soon be here again!  For my money, it is as good a three days as Christian leaders can get but I’m stoked to be a part of the Social Media team again this year.  Click HERE to find out more about the Orange Conference.

The following are 7 Reasons I Personally Attend The Orange Conference and you should too:

  1. It Gives Me A Chance To Meet You – One of the highlights of this conference, without question, is getting the opportunity to meet my friends and followers!  It is a wonderful opportunity to connect. Make sure to stop me and say “Hello!” if you see me.
  2. Reggie Joiner – Reggie is the Founder and CEO of Orange. Reggie does a great job helping equip leaders to reach the next generation.  I will never forget his talk on “Tension” a couple of years ago. Still one of the best talks for ministry leaders I’ve ever heard (seek out the audio on it… and listen closely)!
  3. Keynote Sessions – Orange features some of the best speakers on the planet. It doesn’t get much better than speakers like Andy Stanley, Doug Fields, Reggie Joiner and others.
  4. The Most Practical Content – I absolutely LOVE practical stuff. For me, this is one of the benefits of attending Orange. Aside from the Keynote sessions, attending breakouts & workshops give you the chance to go a little deeper. I love it!
  5. The Tribal Gathering – When is the last time you were with 7,000 people who do what you do? That’s what it’s like attending this conference.  You’re with your tribe for 3 days. People who have been there. People who get you. Hanging out with like-minded people for 3 days – there is nothing like it!
  6. FUN – While you feel like you are drinking from a fire house during the conference, it is SO much fun. You’ll laugh a LOT!  Orange is one of the most fun, creative conferences I have ever attended!
  7. The Best Tools And Resources – Orange simply provides you with a great opportunity to pick up resources!  You’ll walk away with some freebies from organizations on-site, but you’ll want to make sure you budget some funds to pick up quality resources while there!

If you have not decided yet, I can’t do any better!  Click HERE for more information.  I really hope to see you there!

If you can’t make it, just follow my social media channels (particularly my Twitter) for updates, the inside scoop, and great content!  I’d also like to encourage you to follow these bloggers during the conference.

Full Disclosure: Orange is a sponsor of my Podcast. I am absolutely HONORED they think enough of my voice and my resources for Youth Workers, particularly, that they sponsor my content. Having said that, I would write every word of this post regardless of whether or not they exchanged any money with me.  Truth!

2018 Youth Min Cohort–Apply Now

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 4.18.21 PM

I’m excited to announce my partnership with my friend, David Olshine, Professor of Youth Ministry, Family and Culture at Columbia International University, to launch a Year-Long Cohort, beginning January 2018.

This cohort, for youth workers, will explore 5 different topics including: Evangelism, Discipleship, Leadership, Ministry to Parents, and Volunteers and will include live exclusive training sessions throughout the year!

Participants in our cohort will receive 1-on-1 coaching from David and I (a minimum of 12 times), as well as exclusive access to our private training sessions and a private group where you will be able to network with other members. Additionally there are so many other surprises and perks, but this experience will be worth EVERY PENNY…I promise.

And speaking of pennies, I’m very proud to say that David and I have worked hard together to craft a cohort that will give every leader a part of this opportunity what they would get at a conference or through a semester-long course plus more over a year-long experience, affordably priced with the youth worker in mind.

[Click here] to visit our site (that just recently went LIVE!) to find out more or to apply.  Hurry, space is limited … and you must apply by December 11, 2017!


Announcing Another #Podcast Sponsor!

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I’m excited to announce that Dare 2 Share Ministries has joined our wonderful team of sponsors, along with LifeWay, to sponsor This Week in Youth Ministry Podcast!

Dare 2 Share is a wonderful organization that equips youth workers and students to share the gospel and we couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with them!

We brought you the official word in our most recent podcast [listen here] episode and shared a killer deal they are offering our listeners:

Dare 2 Share’s downloadable single-session curriculum called “Youth Group 2 Go” is available for only $9.99!  Here’s a important notes:

  • The curriculum addresses various theological questions to help students grow and go with their faith. Each fully prepared lesson includes a tie in to the gospel and a call for students to look outward with how they can share their faith in their world.
  • Right now D2S are offering 3 special bundles with four curriculum in each for only $9.99! That’s almost 1/2 off of the non-bundle price!
  • Go to to check out Youth Group 2 Go and other great Dare 2 Share resources!

Look forward to more from our partnership together.

And hey, there is still room for YOU if you’d like to join our team of sponsors. [Click here] to learn more.

BIG NEWS: I’m Launching A Podcast!

I’ve got some BIG NEWS that I’m pretty stoked to share with you, my readers, today.  It’s been a while since I’ve been a part of a youth ministry podcast, but I’m excited to announce today that I’m launching my very own #YouthMinistry Podcast this February!

Here are the details that I can share with you now:

  • The podcast will be broadcast each and every week online.
  • The broadcast will feature a guest every week (in fact, we’re booking shows now!). We’ve got some incredible interviews already lined up!
  • It’ll be 30 minutes or less.  We know your time is valuable to you.
  • We’ll be giving resources & prizes away to listeners each week!  Everybody loves freebies!
  • It launches early February. Subscribe to my feed here on the blog so you don’t miss the launch date and details to follow!

I hope you’ll share in this excitement with me.  If so, would you share this news with your tribe (via blog, twitter, facebook)?  I want the first episode to start strong. Trust me, you don’t want to miss the first episode!

I hope this podcast will be helpful to all my youth worker friends.  I’m looking forward to our conversations together!


FREE DVD: Fearless!

If you’ve followed my blog or twitter long enough, you’ll know that I absolutely LOVE giving away FREE stuff.  Today (and tomorrow) are those kind of days here.

My friends at Dare2Share are putting together an incredible 2015 tour called
“Fearless” and they want to give you a sneak peak into this year’s experience. Make sure you click the link below to get your FREE copy!

At the 2015 Fearless Tour, through deep worship, powerful training from the book of Ephesians, and life changing dramas, teens will encounter God’s radical love for them and then have the chance to share that love with others in a practical outreach experience.

Here’s a little info on what you’ll get if you click to get your FREE Tour DVD (by mail or instant download):

  • Fearless-DVDVideos and information about Dare 2 Share
  • Promotional videos you can show your students to get them excited for the event (including a 2 week pre-conference video curriculum)
  • Speaker and Artist information including music videos from The Digital Age, Starfield and Kutless
  • A special message from Greg Stier to church leaders

[Click here] to get your FREE DVD now!

Help Me Help Leaders in Need!

There’s a number of youth workers\church leaders under stress. They are enduring financial difficulty (among other stresses) and I want to help. For the last couple of years it’s been on my heart to create an assistance fund for church leaders and I’m finally pulling the trigger. There are a number of youth workers, particularly, who have sent me emails explaining their financial need and asking if there’s any assistance available. Others have shared the anticipated stress of the holidays fast approaching and their inability to provide a nice Christmas for their family.  My heart goes out to these leaders and I want to help bear their burden.

Here’s a few exerpts from actual emails from Leaders in need:

#1:  If I don’t pay my rent by the 10th, my family and I will be evicted. Could you please help me out? I’m trying to raise about $2500 for our rent and some core utility bills. I raise money for causes all of the time and am sorry to ask for this, but I don’t have any other way in this time frame. Listen – I don’t care if it’s $5, $50, or $500 – if you can help me out it would mean the world to me. I’m literally selling my computer and camera and gear to make ends meet! 


#2:  I’ve been out of work for nearly a month now.  My family is under a lot of stress.  I’ve applied for nearly every youth worker position through every job bank online and I’ve heard nothing.  I honestly don’t know how we are going to make it if something doesn’t workout soon.
#3. I just got a cutoff notice for my power bill yesterday. The rent is due tomorrow. My church pays me nothing (well, next to nothing). I love what I do, but I am barely able to cover my expenses with my paycheck.  And I hate living paycheck to paycheck!  I really need some help.

This is where we come in. Will you join me by contributing to help these church leaders in immediate need? Our goal is to help as many youth workers\church leaders as possible with the funds we raise by November 30. Funds contributed to our assistance program will go 100% to church leaders who express a financial need. 50% of your funds donated will be used to assist youth workers\church leaders who have an immediate need. The other 50% of the funds raised will be distributed to youth workers this December who need family assistance this Christmas. And for your gift of $100 or more we will send you a FREE gift as our way of saying “thank you!”

Thank you for your support of this project, and we appreciate your sharing the need with others who might also be able to help at this time. Go [here] to make an instant impact by donating to help leaders now! If you have a financial need, please contact our office [here].