How to Minister to Parents When You Don’t Have Kids Yourself

I was recently interviewed by my friend Jeremy Lee over at  I had a great time discussing two things I love: Youth Ministry and Social Media.  During our time together Jeremy asked me a lot of questions about how I’ve helped parents during my 18 years in ministry without having kids of my own,  so in this episode I gave up a few secrets of what I do and what has worked well for me over the years.  [Click here] to listen to this podcast and I encourage you to check out the great resources over at!



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I Can’t Believe This Resource is FREE!

I feel awful.  Last summer I found a pretty amazing resource (a FREE one!) and absolutely loved it!  The thing is, I only told people about it word-of-mouth.  I never mentioned one thing (to my knowledge…) about it here on the blog.   So, with that said… check this out!

Here’s a quick summary about this resource: The Life Book contains a short recap of the Old Testament, the entire Gospel of John, scriptural answers to issues that teenagers face, as well as an opportunity for teenagers to put their faith in Christ.

Did I mention that these are FREE?

As a veteran youth worker, I’m always looking for great ideas like this! This is one of those GREAT ideas! And, what’s amazing, is that they’ll give your youth groups 1,000 FREE Bibles to give away. That’s right — ONE THOUSAND in your hands … FOR FREE.

Here are 3 ways we used LifeBooks in our context:

1. We gave them to students (after a little instruction) to hand out in their schools.

2. We used them in our gift bags for guests.

3. We took them with us on our summer mission trips and gave them away during our commute.

I just spoke with Adam over at @TheLifeBook movement and he gave me some amazing stats —  over 14.3 Million books have been distributed since 2010!  There have been nearly 7 Million books distributed during this school year alone and over 800k student missionaries have given the gift of The LifeBook to their classmates!   All of this is so great, but the truth is that every one of those numbers has a name. They represent people who need a Savior.

So won’t you consider being a part of @TheLifebook Movement? Contact them today and tell them I sent you!  Go… get your LifeBooks!

Help Me Celebrate My Birthday!

Today is my birthday.

I would love for you to help me celebrate in a BIG way.

No, I’m not asking for presents for myself, but rather for some help for others — specifically   ministry leaders.

In my work with ministry leaders across the globe I encounter more and more leaders who are desperately in need of training.  They are in need of resources and coaching.  This is one of the reasons I founded my Online Youth Worker Coaching Network for leaders who have been in the field for 5 years or less.

So here’s the deal… I’ve seen some great interests in my book, Going Social, from leaders across the globe but my desire is to get this in the hands of church leaders who desperately need help connecting with those outside the walls of their church.  Additionally, there is a need for curriculum and training resources too!

I’ve been working with a couple of pastors in strategic networks to help these leaders in need and I would love for you to be a part of it.   Would you help me help them?  In honor of my birthday would you consider giving a monetary gift towards this great project?

If you want to help these leaders and also bring a big smile to my heart, please make your donation in the sidebar here on my site. Every dime will go towards this cause and will help make a difference!  And, as a token of my appreciation for your contribution of $25 or more I will send you a gift and a personal thank you.

*A tax-deductible receipt is also available upon request.

Join Me for an Online Flash Mob Today!

I’m so impressed with the tools that my friends at have been offering churches since their start-up… and today, they are taking it to another level with the launch of!

Today I’m helping @ParentMinistry share this great news on the interwebs with a special online FLASH MOB!   Would you like to join us?

At 3:00PM CST today we want you to join in the buzz on @Twitter and #Facebook!

If you are a tweeter, here are 3 tweets you can use if you don’t want to think about it:

If you are a facebooker, here are some posts for you:

  • My friends @parentministry are releasing their children’s ministry subscription today. I pray that thousands of families will be encouraged by this new resource. Way to go guys! #pminkids
  • Parent Ministry = Ministers who serve as a spiritual matchmaker between parents and their kids. I’m pumped to see how @parentministry for kids is going to help children’s ministries do this! #pminkids
  • If you are a children’s minister, you will want to check this out: #pminkids

Jump over to www.ParentMinistry.Net and check out Parent Ministry for Kids today, among the other great resources they offer!  Also, this month they are going to give  over $1,000 worth of #KidMin bonus resources away!  Don’t miss out!


10 Critical Prayers for Millennials

The more I work with students the more I’m convinced of their potential to literally change the world. Call me crazy, but I believe this generation of students will have an amazing impact on our world and will pursue God with a greater zeal and passion than the generations before them.

Having said that, I invest more time in prayer for them than I ever have. Recently I wrote an article 10 Critical Prayers for Millennials that has been shared over at  I will share 3 of those prayers here and you can go [there] for the rest:


1. Purpose.

I believe God has a plan and purpose for every student. I speak this over teenagers and ask God to, no matter what their circumstances are, give them passion and a deep-seated purpose for living.

(Jeremiah 29:11; Psalm 139:13-16; 2 Cor. 5:20; Jeremiah 1:5; John 14:13; Rom. 8:28-29)

2. Friendships.

I spend time talking about the friendships young people develop more than other topics because I know the truth that you are (and become) who you hang out with. I pray God will give today’s teenager wisdom in choosing their friends and that God will bring people into their lives who will point them to Christ. I also pray that He will use students to encourage and build up each other like never before.

(1 Cor. 15:33; Heb. 10:25; 1 Thess. 5:11; 1 Sam. 16:7)

3. Character.

Today’s teen is bombarded with every temptation known to man, and the enemy is seeking to destroy their character. I pray that this generation of students may experience an ongoing transformation by having their minds renewed, and that they will be examples to the world in their speech, lives, love, faith and purity. I also ask for more great Christ-like role models for our students, particularly among their own peers.

(1 Tim. 4:12; Rom. 12:1-2; Psalm 24:4)

[Click here] for the rest of the article… and thanks for sharing this with other leaders on Social Media.  Let’s join in prayer for today’s teenagers!

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The Best Parent Ministry Resource

One of the best Parent Ministry resources I’ve found is a new organization that does just that… resources Parents!  I’ll never forget chatting with my friend Jeremy, the founder of Parent about his initial idea for this start-up.  I instantly (and I mean instantly!) told him to go for it!  I knew this would be an invaluable ministry to youth workers and parents of teens… and that is certainly what it has become!  Since that conversation  scores of churches have begun using the resources at —  Northpoint, Willow CreekSaddleback, and others all said “I’m game!”   How about you?  Do you desperately need a better ministry to parents?  If the answer is “Yes”  then you should [go here] and sign up today!

Tell the great folks at Parent that I sent you!  Go there [now].


Free Webinar: Social Media 101 for Church Leaders

I’m excited to announce that on Tuesday, July 9, 2013 at 3:00PM EST I will be hosting a FREE Social Media Webinar for Church Leaders, sponsored by Beacon Hill Press. Please spread the word and join me online!

Also, if you haven’t gotten your copy of my latest book, Going Social, I’d encourage you to pick up a copy today online or wherever books are sold!

The Top 100 Articles on

I was recently informed that 2 of my articles published at have made it into the 2013 edition of the Top 100 Featured Articles!   The book featuring many of today’s Top Christian Leaders (including Francis Chan, Andy Stanley, Perry Noble & More!) was recently released in digital format and you can get your copy for just a five bucks over at!

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