5 Disturbing Trends in Youth Ministry (and How to Fix Them)


Today on the Podcast I interviewed my friend, David Olshine, author of What’s Gone Wrong with Youth Ministry about 5 disturbing trends he has identified in Youth Ministry. David is a youth worker with more than 40+ years experience and is the current Chairman of the Youth Ministry Department at Columbia International University.

You can listen [here] on iTunes or catch it here on the podcast site.

I’ll share the 5 Disturbing Trends with you here, but you’ll have to listen to the Podcast to know how we’ll fix them:

1. Lack of Student Leadership  
2. Lack of Empowering Parents  
3. Burned Out Leaders  
4. Lack of Creativity and Vulnerability
5. Pitiful Evangelism and Discipleship 

What are your thoughts?  Do you think these are spot on? Share in the comments.