2018 Youth Min Cohort–Apply Now

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I’m excited to announce my partnership with my friend, David Olshine, Professor of Youth Ministry, Family and Culture at Columbia International University, to launch a Year-Long Cohort, beginning January 2018.

This cohort, for youth workers, will explore 5 different topics including: Evangelism, Discipleship, Leadership, Ministry to Parents, and Volunteers and will include live exclusive training sessions throughout the year!

Participants in our cohort will receive 1-on-1 coaching from David and I (a minimum of 12 times), as well as exclusive access to our private training sessions and a private group where you will be able to network with other members. Additionally there are so many other surprises and perks, but this experience will be worth EVERY PENNY…I promise.

And speaking of pennies, I’m very proud to say that David and I have worked hard together to craft a cohort that will give every leader a part of this opportunity what they would get at a conference or through a semester-long course plus more over a year-long experience, affordably priced with the youth worker in mind.

[Click here] to visit our site (that just recently went LIVE!) to find out more or to apply.  Hurry, space is limited … and you must apply by December 11, 2017!


Hurricane Harvey: 4 Ways To Help

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Even though Hurricane Irma just packed a punch across the Eastern part of our United States, people are still in desperate need after Hurricane Harvey left its destruction in Texas.  Many of our youth ministry friends have lost so much in the path of this storm and are in great need of our help!

I’ve put together several ways for you to help make an instant impact in the lives of those affected by Hurricane Harvey:

1. PURCHASE THIS BUNDLE (50% Of Proceeds Benefit Texas Youth Workers!)
At MinistryDownloads.com we’ve put together a bundle of resources (Over $750 in  Downloadable Resources–Sermon Series, Games, Admin Helps, Media & More! for  ONLY $49!) and we are donating 50% of ALL proceeds to benefit Texas youth workers! This bundle will be available for purchase until 11:59PM EDT on September 30.  Go [hereto check out this bundle and purchase now.

I am working with TWO great missions organizations (Experience Mission and Group Mission Trips) to help coordinate short-term and long-term serve opportunities on the ground in Texas!  If you would like more information about how you can take a team (big or small) on a short-term or long-term serve project, please contact me.

The storm has passed but the affects will be long lasting. Those affected by Hurricane Harvey will be dealing with the destruction for months, maybe years, to come. Texas youth workers, among everyone who experienced a loss of some kind, very much need our continued prayers.  Do not underestimate the power of your prayers.  We need a great prayer army to remember everyone during this time (especially since their stories are no longer being covered in the media).

Even if you don’t purchase our Bundle at MinistryDownloads.com, there are numerous charitable organizations that are on the ground and doing great work in the state of Texas. I personally have donated to individuals who have suffered loss, to Samaritan’s Purse, to the Red Cross, and to the Salvation Army. I would recommend donating funds to any of these organizations.

SHARE this post with your friends on your Social networks. Getting the word out about how to help is really the first step in serving those who need a hand.

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BIG NEWS: I’m Launching A Podcast!

I’ve got some BIG NEWS that I’m pretty stoked to share with you, my readers, today.  It’s been a while since I’ve been a part of a youth ministry podcast, but I’m excited to announce today that I’m launching my very own #YouthMinistry Podcast this February!

Here are the details that I can share with you now:

  • The podcast will be broadcast each and every week online.
  • The broadcast will feature a guest every week (in fact, we’re booking shows now!). We’ve got some incredible interviews already lined up!
  • It’ll be 30 minutes or less.  We know your time is valuable to you.
  • We’ll be giving resources & prizes away to listeners each week!  Everybody loves freebies!
  • It launches early February. Subscribe to my feed here on the blog so you don’t miss the launch date and details to follow!

I hope you’ll share in this excitement with me.  If so, would you share this news with your tribe (via blog, twitter, facebook)?  I want the first episode to start strong. Trust me, you don’t want to miss the first episode!

I hope this podcast will be helpful to all my youth worker friends.  I’m looking forward to our conversations together!


The Best Parent Ministry Resource

One of the best Parent Ministry resources I’ve found is a new organization that does just that… resources Parents!  I’ll never forget chatting with my friend Jeremy, the founder of Parent Ministry.net about his initial idea for this start-up.  I instantly (and I mean instantly!) told him to go for it!  I knew this would be an invaluable ministry to youth workers and parents of teens… and that is certainly what it has become!  Since that conversation  scores of churches have begun using the resources at ParentMinistry.net —  Northpoint, Willow CreekSaddleback, and others all said “I’m game!”   How about you?  Do you desperately need a better ministry to parents?  If the answer is “Yes”  then you should [go here] and sign up today!

Tell the great folks at Parent Ministry.net that I sent you!  Go there [now].


My Favorite Moment of the Year!

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting (and I mean a lot!) over the last two weeks. One of the things I reflected on was my favorite moments of the year. What were they?  I thought it would be fun to share with you my Top 3 Favorite Moments of The Year (this was hard by the way!)  over a series of posts. And now… for my favorite moment of the year:

#1: Spontaneous Baptism

For the last couple of years we’ve taken students over 16 hours to Lake Ann Camp in Michigan.  This past summer we had a spontaneous baptism service right on the lake and I had the privilege of baptizing a few people from our ministry (with their families’ permission and blessing, of course)!  This takes my #1 Favorite Moment of the Year, because it was such a great honor for me to baptize these young leaders that I love and believe in.  I have full confidence that God is going to do amazing things with their lives.  Being able to be a part of their lives in this way is something I’ll treasure forever.

Side note:  This summer I have the privilege of serving as one of the featured speakers at Lake Ann Camp. If you aren’t already locked into a summer camp yet, I’d urge you to check out what Lake Ann has to offer. And tell them I sent you!  Hope to see you this summer!

Read: #2 Favorite Moment of The Year  and #3 Favorite Moment of The Year

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My Top 3 Favorite Moments of The Year – #2

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting (and I mean a lot!) over the last two weeks. One of the things I reflected on was my favorite moments of the year. What were they?  I thought it would be fun to share with you my Top 3 Favorite Moments of The Year (this was hard by the way!) over the next few posts.

#2: What Was That?  

I’ll never forget it. We had youth worship experience and we were right in the middle of closing in prayer. My intern had just finished speaking a message on serving and shared scriptures about how Christ served his disciples by washing their feet.  Students began exiting the building but a number of them stuck around.  One of my staffers grabbed a basin of water and a towel and asked to wash the feet of my intern (I later found out she did this because she said “God told her to.”)  What happened next was almost indescribable… prayer, worship, students (and adults) crying out to God (even screaming!), and yes, more washing of feet.  For 3 (additional) hours this went on. I think everyone’s feet got washed.   It was the closest thing I think I have ever experienced to revival.   It was unplanned… unpredictable… and unbelievable!  Today I still say (about that night), “wow… what was that?”

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Interviewed by Josh Griffin, MoreThanDodgeball.com

I was recently interviewed by my good friend, Josh Griffin, over at MoreThanDodgeball.com about my new book, Going Social!  Josh asked me a few questions about the book and then asked me to share a great failure story!  I shared one of the most humiliating things that has happened to me as a youth worker– and you need to read it.  I’m sharing a couple of the questions here.  You can go [here] for the rest.

1 Tell us about the origin of your new book!
I meet a lot of church leaders who are hesitant to use Social Media for whatever reason. I think Social Media is one of the greatest tools of our time that God wants to use to help spread the message of the Gospel. I felt I could help provide a resource that would help dispel many of the common myths that keep church leaders from leveraging Social Media and also offer bite-sized tips on how to use it for ministry.

2 What is one of the most common mistakes when using social media?
My heart behind using any Social Media platform is to use it to connect with people. Whether you have a blog, a twitter or Facebook account, or a YouTube channel, you can use these tools to build relationships. You can inspire people, challenge people, and yes, even connect them to Christ! I think people sometimes forget that.

10 Assessment Questions Youth Workers Must Ask

I have a lot of conversations with other ministry leaders and spend time coaching other leaders, particularly youth workers, who consistently overlook common problems areas because they aren’t aware of some of the blind spots.

I’ve developed a helpful list of 10 questions that you can use to help you assess your ministry leadership a little better.

I’ll share 3 assessment questions that you can ask yourself in this post and you can download the full assessment [here].

1. Soul Fuel: Have I spent enough time caring for my own soul? Where is my emotional, physical, and spiritual tank level right now?

4. Accountability: Am I spending quality time with God on a daily basis? Am I making my family top priority (and making sure they know it)? Do I have balance in my life? Am I upholding our ministries ethics and values?

7. Risk: Have things become too mechanical in my ministry? Do people in my ministry avoid risk like the plague? Are the people that I lead resistant to change things because I am resistant?