The Best Parent Ministry Resource

One of the best Parent Ministry resources I’ve found is a new organization that does just that… resources Parents!  I’ll never forget chatting with my friend Jeremy, the founder of Parent about his initial idea for this start-up.  I instantly (and I mean instantly!) told him to go for it!  I knew this would be an invaluable ministry to youth workers and parents of teens… and that is certainly what it has become!  Since that conversation  scores of churches have begun using the resources at —  Northpoint, Willow CreekSaddleback, and others all said “I’m game!”   How about you?  Do you desperately need a better ministry to parents?  If the answer is “Yes”  then you should [go here] and sign up today!

Tell the great folks at Parent that I sent you!  Go there [now].


  • David Bartosik

    In all graciousness I am just not sure— lately wrestling with what exactly does it look like for student ministry to partner with parents and it feels like not matter how hard I try, my best tool in discipling parents is helping them get into communities of other adults who are experiencing a life changing relationship with CHrist— help parents to deepen in their own faith and watch it cascade into their students lives rather than give more curriculum? Not completely resided to this but wondering if parent net is really the best solution or just a solution with nothing else really available on that level? Would love to hear thoughts Terrance thanks man!