Win a $50 Gift Card to

My friends over at just recently announced a pretty killer deal.

For just $1.00 you can get a membership to their site!   For that ONE DOLLAR you get $20 in store credit immediately, and 7 other epic downloads right away too!  The membership continues at just $19.99 monthly after that… and if you haven’t seen the stuff on their site, I’ll tell you its worth that price!

Additionally I thought it would be fun to celebrate this deal with a giveaway!  (If you know me, I don’t need much of a reason to give stuff away…).  So, here it is:  I’m giving away a $50.00 Digital Gift Card to one lucky person!  Here’s how you enter: Just leave a comment on this post AND share it on Facebook or Twitter and you’re in!  It’s just that easy!  I’ll pick a winner (at random) after 3PM EST tomorrow, Friday, May 23, 2014 and announce soon after. 

I just LOVE giving away stuff here on my blog (you should totally subscribe, so you don’t miss one opportunity!) and on my twitter.  I’ve got some BIG stuff — with lots of freebies coming up! Don’t. Miss. A. Thing!  Subscribe now!


  • Daniel McGinty

    Great website, and great deal! Download Youth ministry + terrace=awesome

  • Deann Reusche

    New to the website – looking around : )

  • Tony Brackemyre

    Love DYM. Could easily use the $50!

    • terracecrawford

      You Won!

  • Josh Stitcher

    I love DYM!

  • terracecrawford

    Congrats to Tony Brackemyre — you’ve won the $50 Gift Card! Contact me to redeem. Thanks!