Your Next Social Media Event!


I’m doing a number of Social Media Events this year and I want to come to your city! Our latest booking is in New Hampshire where I’m doing a Saturday seminar for parents and students.  Here are few of the topics that I’ll be speaking on that day:

1 – Social Media 101 (Basics of Social Media)
Some people find Social Media intimidating. In fact, they really don’t know if they are doing Social Media right! Social Media is a powerful thing. In this session, Terrace Crawford explains how Social Media has great power and can be used for good. We’ll cover the Top 5\Most Common platforms and how to use them.

2 – Social Entourage: How to Win Friends and Influence Them Online
Does Social Media seem lame to you? Are you bored with it? Do you anxiously await the next big platform to launch that trumps your Twitter\Instagram\Snapchat\Facebook app? What if you were told that you could make your experience online a life-changing one? In this session Terrace Crawford, author of #GoingSocial, will share how you can leverage your digital world in ways that will bring you new connections and help you influence and lead your followers to Christ!

3 – Social Networking for Parents (this is perfect for parents, but could be done with students)
Teens are often embarassed by their parents presence online. In fact, they’d almost rather they not dabble in Social Media at all. Can the world of Social Media host both parents & students? What if parents could be taught etiquette online? In this session, TC will share with parents what is acceptable and what is not and gives parents real talk about how to use their online presence.

4 – Helping Your Teen Protect Their Online Reputation
Most parents (well, and youth workers too!) are so afraid that teens are destroying their reputation online. Some of their concern is valid. In this session, Terrace shares about some of the dangers of what you post online and some important boundaries to observe while you are surfing on the web.

5 – Your Social Media Footprint
Were you aware that everywhere you travel online you leave a footprint? Most people use Social Media while others abuse it. The truth of the matter is that you can use Social Media for good or bad, but it’s important you understand that your presence online really matters. Your footprint will last much after you sign-off. In this session, we’ll talk about some of the dangers of Social Media as well as how you can leverage it for good!

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